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Sustainable agricultural mechanization in China. A comprehensive review

Sustainable agricultural mechanization covers all levels of farming and processing technologies, and takes into consideration technological, economic, social, environmental and cultural aspects when contributing to the sustainable development of agrifood systems. This publication strives to comprehensively and systematically summarize the status and strategies of China's agricultural mechanization development, its impacts, experiences and practices, and business models.

Furthermore, the publication investigates the related investment and policy recommendations to reach the goal of agricultural and rural modernization by 2035, to drive smallholder farmers to enter modern agriculture, and to achieve sustainable development. It is estimated that by 2035, agricultural production in China will predominantly be mechanized. The concept of integrating mechanization and digitalization will be applied to agricultural mechanization management and operation monitoring and services, and mechanization will comprehensively support all agricultural and rural modernization. The development of sustainable agricultural mechanization in China provides cases and examples of innovations with global value, not only for developing countries but in particular for middle-income countries and emerging countries.

This publication is part of the Country Investment Highlights series under the FAO Investment Centre's Knowledge for Investment (K4I) programme.

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