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Issue paper

National-level models to support the use of evidence in agrifood systems policy

In the context of global challenges such as climate change, conflict and environmental crises, all of which are exacerbating poverty and hunger around the world, there is a need for urgent action informed by the best available science and evidence. This background paper to the guidance that FAO is developing on strengthening science–policy interfaces at the national level sets out to provide an overview of existing models and activities used for developing and operating science–policy systems and supporting the use of evidence, to transform global agrifood systems. Emphasis is placed on low- and middle-income countries, but examples from high-income countries are also included. Three high-level models are presented: the production-focused model, the policy-oriented model and the integrated model. Findings from the empirical cases and the evaluation data are distilled into lessons for strengthening each model, as well as suggesting ten priority recommendations for national science–policy engagement for agrifood systems.

Stewart, R.; Patiño-Lugo, D.F.;