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Improving livelihoods and food security for farmers in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan wishes to promote organic farming, as demand for organic products is growing every year on both the domestic and export markets. The natural soil and climatic conditions are favourable for organic farming in the country, while the existence of scientific and educational institutions in the agrarian sector and experienced farmers in the regions may provide a suitable environment for promoting organic agriculture in the country. Despite the country’s significant agricultural potential, agricultural productivity and its profitability vary widely across the regions. Although the country’s agricultural sector contributes around 6 percent to GDP, the lack of modernization means that productivity remains low, mainly due to low rainfall, scarcity of arable land, fragmented landholdings and serious degradation of natural resources in terms of soil erosion, salinity, loss of soil fertility and organic matter. There was therefore an urgent need to development organic agriculture in the country by harmonizing national legislation with the international organic production standards and procedures.

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