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Issue paper

The Federal Republic of Nigeria Resilience Strategy 2021–2023. Increasing the resilience of agriculture-based livelihood – The pathway to humanitarian–development–peace nexus

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has developed this three-year strategy to strengthen resilience of agriculture-based livelihoods in Nigeria under recurring threats from both conflict and natural hazard-induced disasters to better withstand shocks and thrive. It integrates the pathways for resilience through four main outcome areas.

The first one is the strengthening of the national institutions and their entities for disaster risk reduction, natural resources management and food crisis prevention and management in the agriculture sector. Secondly, it aims to inform agriculture-based livelihood interventions with reliable data, analysis and a well-established early warning system against known and emerging risks and hazards, for enhanced food security. Besides, the strategy aims to promote diversified, resilient and inclusive agriculture-based livelihood systems and also to improve and protect food security and nutrition, and agriculture-based livelihoods of crisis-affected populations.