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Issue paper

Elimination of child labour in agriculture through social protection. Guidance note

The aim of the guidance note on elimination of child labour in agriculture through social protection is to enable practitioners at national, regional and global levels to adapt social protection systems to contribute actively to eliminate child labour in agriculture.

Universal social protection can prove an effective means to both address rural poverty and child labour in agriculture, if done right. This requires integrating child labour analysis into social protection policies and programmes, designing social protection programmes that address the underlying drivers of child labour and/or directly target families and communities prone to child labour.

This guidance note analyses evidence related to both social assistance and social insurances as well as supportive functions in labour market programmes/livelihood support, social care services and their influence on child labour in agriculture. As a result, the guidance note outlines specific steps to integrate child labour analysis into social protection programmes targeting rural households depending on agriculture for their livelihoods.

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