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Manual for FAO Value Chain Analysis (VCA) Software Tool. EASYPol Series 074

The FAO Value Chain Analysis for Policy Making: FAO VCA Tool 3.2  is a programme that has been developed for Value Chain Analysis to analyze and compare the effects of different policy options for agriculture and sustainable rural development. This tool allows you to create an accounting framework for value chain analysis and to compare different scenarios. It also helps you to build and handle your own database.

More specifically, the software enables you to systematically gather, store and use data for the implementation of Cost-Benefit and Value Added Analyses. The FAO VCA-Tool software provides you with an effective alternative to spreadsheets, where you can standardize data, analyze complicated chains, automatically compute margins and selected indicators and compare scenarios. 

This manual provides detailed instructions on how to install the software, insert and manage data and carry out calculations of indicators for the different components and levels of a value chain analysis. 

Download the FAO VCA analytical tool 3.2

See also: Value Chain Analysis for Policymaking: Methodological Guidelines for a Quantitative Approach. EASYPol Series 129  which provides the conceptual and methodological framework for value chain analysis. 

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FAO, Agricultural Development Economics; Lorenzo G. Bellù