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Somalia | Addressing acute food insecurity in rural areas of Somalia

Dec 2019

Somalia again faces severe drought conditions, with only one season of good rains separating the current and 2016-17 drought. Somalis have had no time to recover, though an effective, large-scale and sustained response contributed to prevent Famine in 2017 and further deterioration in 2018. People have continued to experience a severe humanitarian crisis despite a temporary pause in drought during Gu 2018, which came with heavy floods and cyclone damage. With the return to drought, humanitarian needs are again rising sharply among a population that is far more vulnerable today than in 2016.

The most pressing priorities in rain-fed and riverine farming areas include cash assistance to meet immediate food needs, coupled with provision of quality inputs to maximize farmers’ own food production during the upcoming Karan and Deyr 2019 cropping seasons (in northern and southern Somalia, respectively). Farming households that have been supported with quality inputs for the ongoing Gu season, are expected to obtain higher yields this season than other poor farmers in their area utilizing poor quality seed and other inputs.

Author: FAO/Somalia

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