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Syria | Syrian women food producers

Oct 2019

Seven Syrian women will learn from farming communities in Piedmont and Liguria regions that produce and promote local, organic and artisan foods marked by high quality and respect for traditions. They are expected to gain knowledge on all aspects of production, marketing and value chains of a range of products - including dairy, honey, oil, cereals, breads and vegetables - and to pass on this knowledge to other women farmers in their communities upon their return. They will also be included in the global Slow Food network of local farmers so that they can continue learning and sharing knowledge and experiences.

The Syrian women come from Homs, Hama, Lattakia, Tartous, Aleppo, Sweida and Al Qunatra governorates, and are each engaged in producing one type of local food - one product per each village - from dried figs to honey. They either own a small plot of land (less than half hectare), growing food for their family's consumption and/or are engaged in activities such as making jams, pickles, tomato paste, cheese and other food products to support their families.

Author: FAO/Syria

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