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Helping women work in groups in Liberia

Jun 2015

FAO’s integrated approach of reaching Ebola-hit farmers in Liberia’s Lofa County is bearing increased results not only in crop production, VSLA (village savings and loan associations) revitalization and education in Ebola prevention but the help is also uniting women in peacebuilding, palaver management as well as visiting sick members.

The idea of helping women work in groups on a multi-faceted project has yielded multiple results. It all begins with FAO’s provision of conditional cash transfer (to VSLA groups), facilitation of lowland rice production and Ebola awareness-raising as well as training, knowledge-sharing and technical field support. The cash transfer is conditional because it’s only made to VSLA groups that are ready to participate in both anti-Ebola awareness-raising and lowland farming.

Author: FAO/Liberia