Social protection: bridging the gap

May 2018

2 billion people live in countries affected by conflict, violence and fragility

93% of the extreme poor live in fragile and humanitarian contexts.

Natural disasters force 26m people into poverty and cost $520bn in losses every year.

Innovative solutions are needed to bridge the gap between humanitarian aid and development.

Social protection can save lives and livelihoods and build a better future for rural and vulnerable people.

Social protection plays an important role in protecting poor and vulnerable people from natural hazards saving lives and livelihoods, while also enhancing families’ capacity to cope, respond and withstand threats and crises. Moreover, risk-informed and shock-responsive social protection systems enhance resilience and decrease the vulnerability of the agricultural livelihoods, absorbing part of the humanitarian caseload. FAO is currently scaling-up its commitment in the field of Risk-Informed and Shock-Responsive Social Protection through evidence generation, policy support, direct implementation in emergency contexts and capacity development.

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