Rebuilding fisher folk’s livelihoods during a complex emergency

Feb 2017

FAO South Sudan is responding to a complex emergency through the multi-donor Emergency Livelihood Response Programme, which includes the distribution of crop, vegetable and fishing kits and animal health interventions to a targeted 3.2 million people in 2017. This programme is funded by the Common Humanitarian Fund, Norway, UKAID and USAID.

By distributing fishing kits after a community has been affected by a crisis supports them in re-building livelihoods and assure food availability for the community. In many cases people have fled from their homes and have lost all their assets and/or do not have the means to replace fishing gear that has been damaged.

This video shows how the fishing kits have made an impact on the communities in Terekeka, like they similarly have had country-wide. In 2016, FAOSS supported over 120,000 households with fishing kits which is estimated to give a family enough food for about six months either through household consumption or sales in the market.

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