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Making money from honey: The success story of Hassan, a beekeeper in Somaliland

Aug 2019

Hassan Muhumed Abdilaahi is a young beekeper from Gebiley in Somaliland. He started in 2013, at the age of 24, with only two traditional beehives. The breakthrough came for him in 2014. That year, for the first time, Hassan participated in a beekeeping training conducted by FAO, under a project funded by the United Kingdom through the Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Programme.

“That training changed my life,” states Hassan. “Subsequently, my production increased a lot,” affirms Hassan, who currently has 150 beehives in his apiary. “I used to produce only 15 kg of honey per season. Now I am producing 1000 kg”. And that’s multiplied by two seasons per year. The income from his annual production, only accounting for honey, is equivalent to selling 530 goats at an average market price. “I know as a matter of fact that beekeeping is profitable. I love bees,” Hassan says showing the palm of his hands.