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FAO's cash schemes feed one million Somalis

Jul 2012

A forward-looking cash-based aid scheme designed and implemented by FAO is helping Somalis to buy food for themselves and their families immediately while also equipping them to better cope with future droughts. The cash-for-work project is paid some 1million Somalia over the last one year $18 dollars a week for 2 ½ months to rehabilitate degraded irrigation canals and water-storage infrastructure in southern Somalia, where six areas were declared as famine struck in 2011.

The project, intensified in the wake of 2011's famine in southern Somalia, has also created 51 000 hectares of irrigated land by restoring over 800 kilometers of canals. It will construction and rehabilitation of 200 rainwater-catchment reservoirs with enough capacity between them to water 650 000 animals for three months. More than 150 kilometers of essential feeder roads have also rehabilitated.

FAO's cash based initiatives are funded by the by European Commission, United Kingdom, United States, Australia Aid, The World Bank Belgium, Spain and Italy. 

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