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The Prime Minister of Vietnam (right) and FAO General Director (left)

FAO Director-General vows new approach in ending hunger


Highlights role South-South Cooperation can play in Asia and Pacific - Vowing to take a new approach to ending hunger, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva has called for sustainable increases in farm production and fairer and more inclusive food and agricultural systems.

Intensifying agriculture in harmony with the environment is the centrepiece of the new approach urged by FAO, he told the Organization’s Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific in Hanoi, which took place from 12-16 March with over 300 delegates from 39 countries attending. “Our first global challenge is to eradicate hunger and improve food security. That means that we need to have better access to food and also increase the production of agriculture, forestry and fisheries while ensuring sustainable ecosystem management, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, and building on the many promising examples that already exist,” he said.

During the Conference, FAO members requested the Organization to coordinate the development of a regional rice strategy and support them in addressing the key challenges of increasing agricultural productivity, promote value chain development and reduce post-harvest losses, manage natural resources and respond to food price volatility. “I am confident that we can gain ground rapidly in the fight against hunger,” added Graziano da Silva, who also called upon countries to put in place national policies to address food security and improved nutrition.

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