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 - 22/05/2015
While the drivers of conflict in South Sudan are numerous, conflict over natural resources, particularly competition over access to traditional grazing lands and water rights, remains a fundamental challenge to peace and stability in the country. Various approaches and strategies are required to manage and resolve conflicts depending on the ...read more
 - 22/05/2015
Resource-based conflicts over access to traditional grazing lands and water rights in South Sudan form a fundamental challenge to peace and stability in the country. To tackle the causes of conflict, the Government of South Sudan and the international community have been investing in livestock water provision over the last ...read more
 - 22/05/2015
Water harvesting (WH) projects do not depend on good engineering and technology alone. Environmental impacts and socioeconomic considerations are equally important, and need to be addressed through the entire process of development nterventions. An environmental evaluation of a widespread WH pond construction program in Ethiopia, for instance, found that little ...read more
 - 17/05/2015
Key findings This brochure presents the preliminary findings of a study of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on the impact of natural hazards and disasters on the agriculture sector and subsectors in developing countries. The core findings of the study are: The agriculture sector – including crops, ...read more
 - 30/03/2015
Agriculture at increasing risk Agriculture is a source of livelihood for over 35 percent of the world’s population. Natural hazards and disasters – such as floods, drought, storms, earthquakes, landsides, tsunamis or wildfire – disproportionately affect the small-scale farmers, herders, fishers and forest dependent communities who generate over half of the ...read more
 - 30/01/2015
Featured Stories: Typhoon Haiyan – One year on A bumper harvest for Visayas Farmers Looking at the Future: Improving Sustainable Practices Community nurseries help rebuild typhoon-damaged farms in Mambusao Creating new access to markets for family farms Analyzing climate change impacts to improve food security
 - 22/05/2013
The regional workshop on the Formulation of a Strategy, Action Plan and Programme Proposal on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation in Fisheries and Aquaculture in the CARICOM and Wider Caribbean Region was held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 10 to 12 December 2012. The workshop brought together 65 local, ...read more
 - 09/10/2011
The increasing spectre of soaring food prices and global warming has brought food security and climate change concerns to the top of the international agenda. Agriculture – namely its agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors – now faces the double challenge of dealing with the impact of climate change at the ...read more
 - 01/09/2010
A l’instar des autres pays de la région ouest-africaine, le Sénégal a enregistré aux mois d’août et de septembre 2009 des pluies diluviennes qui ont provoqué d’importantes inondations en milieu périurbain et rural. Plus de 30 000 foyers de la banlieue de Dakar ont été sinistrés, ainsi que 5 732 ...read more
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