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Northern Ethiopia | Situation overview – November 2021

Northern Ethiopia | Situation overview – November 2021
Dec 2021

Northern Ethiopia is experiencing one of world's worst food crises. The escalation of conflict in Tigray, Afar, and Amhara is once again occurring at the peak of the main agricultural season (Meher) harvest period. This is hindering harvesting in some areas and, with 80 percent of the population reliant on agriculture for their food and income, further compromising an already extremely fragile food security situation. The emergency response is facing a combination of constraints; one such limitation is the significant funding shortfalls particularly affecting livelihood assistance.

This document provides an overview of the humanitarian situation and an update on FAO's response to the ongoing crisis. The benefits of investing in agriculture, even in times of conflict, are visible in Tigray: the food security and nutrition of households benefiting from agricultural support have increased. Investing in agriculture improves households’ self‑reliance and reduces the need for prolonged humanitarian support. We must scale up sustainable agricultural assistance.


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