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FAO - CANADA Partnership for a world free of hunger

FAO - CANADA Partnership for a world free of hunger
Oct 2012

Canada is a key partner of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in the fight to end hunger. Thanks to timely contributions from the Government of Canada, FAO has been able to rapidly respond to agricultural threats and emergencies cross the globe, helping farmers, pastoralists and fishers get back on their feet as quickly as possible, while working to ensure long-term food and nutrition security.

Canada recognizes the importance of increasing food security in developing countries. It is one of the thematic priorities guiding its international assistance. Canada’s investments help drive agricultural transformation, improve nutrition and unlock sustainable economic growth in developing countries.

Canadian funding has gone towards a wide range of activities – from increasing domestic fodder production in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to strengthening governments’ response to animal disease outbreaks to providing young women and men in South Sudan with training and tools to start a new life in farming, livestock rearing or fishing. Canada is also supporting longer term development such as the Special Programme for Food Security, which promotes sustainable land use practices and better access to food, health and nutrition, as well as important policy and standard setting projects.

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