Cash-based transfers

Cash-based transfers
Jun 2018

Cash and vouchers play a critical role in FAO’s response to shocks and crises when farmers, pastoralists and fishers can no longer buy food or the productive inputs they need because their assets have been damaged or depleted.

FAO’s cash-based transfers provide immediate relief to farmers, and contribute to strengthen the resilience of their livelihoods to future shocks (e.g. drought, poor production, etc.), increasing agricultural production, improving food security and nutrition, and reducing rural poverty. They support the transition from humanitarian assistance to development, including through enhanced linkages with social protection systems that can be leveraged to respond to shocks and crises.

FAO is committed to using cash and vouchers as its preferred method of assistance, including in emergencies, as they allow recipients to choose for themselves, enabling farmers to purchase the goods and services they need most in local markets.

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