Ethiopia | Desert locust situation report (November 2020)

Ethiopia | Desert locust situation report (November 2020)
Nov 2020

Key messages:

  • The desert locust (DL) breeding and invasion in Ethiopia is now centered in Somali region. Mature swarms continue to cross into the region, from Somalia.
  • All planes and helicopters have been moved to the new epicenter of the operation (Jigjiga, Gode, Kebridehar).
  • Hatching and band formation is projected to continue in November and beyond.
  • According to the Desert Locust Information Service’s forecast, a new generation of immature swarms will form in early December. If not controlled, DL will move south and threaten southeast Ethiopia, southern Somalia, and northeast Kenya.
  • The environmental and health assessment of DL control operations continues in the Somali regions where control operations are underway. No particular incident related to the use of pesticides was observed on the health of operators and on the environment in general.
  • Field trials of the biopesticide Novacrid have been successful. Results showed a 50 percent decrease in locust populations after eight days of treatment.

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