Seed Security Assessment – Lesotho 2016

Seed Security Assessment – Lesotho 2016
Sep 2016

In response to the drought effects related to the El Niño phenomena, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) conducted a Seed Security Assessment in the four agro-ecological zones of Lesotho in April/May 2016.

The objectives of the assessment were to assess the current seed security situation among farming households in the country, and provide a comprehensive information base report on which to design appropriated seed security intervention to promote agricultural growth and development. A total of 463 households, six seed growers, six focus group discussions, 63 agro-input dealers and 33 key informants were interviewed using structured or semi-structured questionnaires. Major crops including maize, sorghum, beans and wheat were all grown by households under rain-fed conditions. These crops were mainly used for consumption, with a small portion being produced for income. Predominantly, the farming households were agro-pastoralists, with approximately 71 percent of them owning livestock.

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