Yemen Humanitarian response plan

Yemen Humanitarian response plan
Oct 2016

The conflict in Yemen has escalated dramatically since mid-March 2015 and the country is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. A major food security emergency is ongoing with more than 50 percent of the population – 14.4 million people – unable to meet their daily food needs.

The ongoing conflict has severely affected the agriculture sector, causing extensive losses in crops, livestock and fish production. As a consequence, the supply and distribution of locally-produced food to the markets is becoming scarce.

Agriculture must be an integral part of the humanitarian response to prevent Yemen’s dire food security situation from worsening.

FAO urgently needs to scale up its response to improve immediate household availability of and access to food for the most vulnerable people in Yemen. This includes providing emergency livelihood inputs (for crop production, backyard vegetable gardens, poultry, animal feed, farming and fishing tools); increase water supply for farming; support incomegenerating activities through cash and voucher transfers; and assess, monitor and control transboundary animal diseases and pests, including desert locust.

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