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Iraq | Data in Emergencies Monitoring (DIEM-Monitoring) brief – round 6

Iraq | Data in Emergencies Monitoring (DIEM-Monitoring) brief – round 6
Jan 2022

This Data in Emergencies Monitoring (DIEM-Monitoring) brief shares the results of the round 6 field assessment conducted in October and November 2021 in Iraq. It presents key findings and recommendations for humanitarian actors to utilize in planning and implementing data-driven programming to sustain farmers’ livelihoods and build their resilience to future shocks – protecting the food security of Iraq’s rural people. 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) established DIEM-Monitoring to collect, analyse and disseminate data on shocks and livelihoods in countries prone to multiple shocks. DIEM-Monitoring aims to inform decision making by providing regularly updated information on how different shocks are affecting the livelihoods and food security of agricultural populations.

Information is collected from primary sources in the production process: producers, traders or marketers, input suppliers, extension officers and other key informants.



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