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Fiji Tropical Cyclone Winston Situation Report - 14 April 2016

Fiji Tropical Cyclone Winston Situation Report - 14 April 2016
Apr 2016

Key messages

  • Damage to crops and livestock is estimated at USD 104 million, while damages to fisheries (not yet fully assessed) are
    also critical. With much of the country relying on subsistence production to meet their food needs, restoring agriculture
    and fishery-based livelihoods is essential to avoid dependency on food aid in the coming months.
  • Affected families urgently need food and agricultural assistance. More than 500 000 fresh planting materials (kumala
    and dalo) and some 90 000 packets of seeds. In addition, seedlings, animal feed and sugar for bees are being distributed
    to affected farmers.
  • Fijian women – a majority of whom rely on agriculture as their sole source of income – are particularly vulnerable to
    food insecurity, and must be a key focus of response efforts.
  • FAO still requires USD 1.56 million (against its appeal of USD 2.89 million) to provide immediate crop, livestock and
    fisheries support to 25 370 cyclone-affected people. An ongoing Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) aims to identify
    the early, medium- and long-term recovery and reconstruction needs, which are expected to be greater.

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