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Guidance Notes - Information and Analysis in Protracted Crises

Guidance Notes - Information and Analysis in Protracted Crises
Dec 2016
  • Timely, reliable and demand-driven information is essential to dealing with protracted crises.
  • In such contexts, information gaps and information fragmentation are the two major challenges, especially as food security is a multidimensional phenomenon.
  • Food Security Information Systems led by Governments can overcome these challenges, ensuring integrated and coordinated efforts to provide policy-driven data, even in protracted crisis situations.
  • The capacity of national governments to manage such information systems must be developed.
  • Sustainable and coordinated information is required for greater preparedness via early warning systems, strengthening resilience and monitoring impacts.
  • Mobile technologies provide particularly interesting new opportunities in crisis contexts, alongside face-to-face surveys.
  • Standardisation of indicators and analysis processes is essential to building a common understanding of the needs and inform coordinated action.
  • The way ahead, including the use of FAO-backed initiatives, is complex and must be multisectoral, involving the innovative use of joint strategies for resilience strengthening.

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