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FAO and Japan together to prevent the worsening of food insecurity in northern Mali

FAO and Japan together to prevent the worsening of food insecurity in northern Mali
Oct 2014

For the first time, the Government of Japan is supporting FAO’s efforts in Mali to assist food-insecure households and improve their access to food during the 2014/2015 campaign. FAO project, entitled "Immediate assistance to vulnerable populations in the regions of Gao, Mopti and Timbuktu in Mali by restoring agro-aquaculture productivity and improving food security", aims to assist
4 000 households (or 28 000 people, of which at least 44 percent are women) in the most foodinsecure areas in the three selected regions.

In Mali, the agricultural sector represents 80 percent of the active population and 23 percent of the national trade balance. However, in the past few years, recurrent droughts and floods have negatively impacted small-scale farming and food security in the country. The humanitarian situation worsened during the socio-political instability in 2012, which affected food and nutritional security, requiring emergency agriculture interventions in the country.

The project focuses on three main areas: support to (i) agriculture (food crop production), (ii) aquaculture and (iii) market gardening (vegetable production). Following the identification of the most vulnerable households, direct support is provided to agriculture and aquaculture through the distribution of seeds and farming inputs. Activities under all three components are accompanied by capacity building sessions for beneficiaries and implementing partners.

Since its start (September 2014), the project has reached 80 percent of its objectives. The impact of the project will be assessed upon its completion in a few months time.