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 - 25/05/2022
In Afghanistan, many families cannot afford to buy meat and chronically lack protein, contributing to malnutrition. Soybean is being progressively adopted to combat malnutrition and improve ...en lire plus
 - 16/05/2022
Cox’s Bazar, a vulnerable district in south-eastern Bangladesh, is a priority area for FAO. The district, which has a Bangladeshi population of 2.65 million people, hosts ...en lire plus
 - 16/05/2022
Bangladesh has a highly diversified forest ecosystem but is suffering from deforestation, forest deterioration, biodiversity loss, and destruction of ecosystems and habitats. SMART (Spatial Monitoring and ...en lire plus
 - 16/05/2022
This is a summary of a much larger floral diversity report that focused on the important yet vulnerable forests of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The main objectives ...en lire plus
 - 12/05/2022
This Data in Emergencies Monitoring (DIEM-Monitoring) brief shares the results of a second-round field assessment conducted between January and February 2022 in the Philippines. It presents ...en lire plus
 - 26/04/2022
An FAO delegation headed by Daniele Donati, Deputy Director of the Office of Emergencies and Resilience, and Fabrizio Cesaretti, FAO Deputy Representative in Afghanistan, visited farming ...en lire plus
 - 26/04/2022
Some 220 vulnerable households from marginal herding communities in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, received 200 kg of concentrate animal feed each to keep their livestock alive, healthy ...en lire plus
 - 22/04/2022
Rapid response to animal health emergencies is one of the keys to protecting livestock and preventing economic losses for farmers. When lumpy skin disease (LSD) broke ...en lire plus
 - 20/04/2022
In 2021, FAO assisted 1.3 million people across Afghanistan with wheat cultivation packages and technical training. Each package consisted of 50 kg of certified wheat seed ...en lire plus
 - 31/03/2022
This project fact sheet summarizes the key aspects of this project, emergency assistance for protecting agriculture-livelihoods and rebuilding coping capacities of vulnerable and food insecure farming households to shocks including COVID-19, ...en lire plus
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