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GloLitter’s first webinar on GESAMP WG43 Report on Sea-based Sources of Marine Litter


On 24th January 2022, the GloLitter Partnerships Project opened its webinar series with a presentation of the report of the Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP), Working Group 43 (WG 43).

GESAMP is an advisory body consisting of scientific experts that advises the United Nations (UN) system on the scientific aspects of marine environmental protection. GESAMP WG 43 is sponsored by IMO and FAO and the overall objective of the WG is to build a broader understanding of sea-based sources of marine litter.

During the webinar that was attended by over 30 participants from the GloLitter partner countries, Dr. Kirsten Gilardi, chair of the GESAMP WG 43, presented major findings of the report. She presented scientific evidence for marine plastic litter generated from the fishing, aquaculture and shipping sectors, including its causes, existing quantitative estimates and impacts. She also touched upon different sources of litter including ocean dumping, the offshore oil and gas exploration and extraction. Dr. Gilardi emphasized main knowledge gaps that exist including the geographic data gaps in terms of the type and quantity of litter at sea and its socioeconomic impacts. She also suggested the need to use common methodologies to collect and asses data across time and space.

The full report is available at