Pratiques de pêche responsables pour une pêche durable


2021 - Gilardi, K., ed.
The report provides an overview of the current state of knowledge in terms of the sources, relative contribution and data gaps when it comes to sea-based sources of marine litter.  A section of the report is dedicated to fishing as...
Technical Paper
2021 - Eayrs, S., Fuentevilla, C.
This technical report describes efforts to mitigate bycatch through gear modifications and adaptations in the tropical shrimp-trawl fisheries of over 30 countries. It provides a summary of efforts by each country and then synthesizes them to identify and describe best...
Media resources
2021 - FAO
This training video shows effective FAD fishing techniques, suitable for small- scale FAD fishers. It was developed for the increasing number of remote Pacific Island fishers with access to anchored FADs. Many Pacific Island fishers practice troll fishing around FADs;...
Technical Paper
2021 - He, P., Chopin; F., Suuronen, P., Ferro, R.S.T., Lansley, J.
This document elaborates the revised International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishing Gear (ISSCFG), as endorsed and adopted for implementation by the FAO Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics (CWP) at its Twenty-fifth Session in February 2016 in Rome, Italy. The...
2021 - Bealey, R.
This guide provides information on how to efficiently, and more specifically, target tuna, while reducing the impact on bycatch species and marine ecosystems. It aims to promote the adoption of modern methods for more efficient and targeted use of longline...
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