FAO in Sierra Leone

Our team

FAOSL has comparative advantage to support the achievement of key priorities and the stated results for several reasons. FAO Sierra Leone’s strength lies in its abilities to provide capacity building and technical support for policy formulation and implementation in agriculture, natural resources and rural development.

This is so because of the organisation’s years of engagement in the country with strong institutional memory, available resources, level of expertise of its staff and unparalleled sources of information in agriculture and rural development. In recent years, FAO has strongly supported the government in agriculture sector policy/strategy/programmes development.

To mention a few, the Operation Feed the Nation, the National Sustainable Agriculture Development Plan (NSADP), the Smallholder Commercialisation Programme (SCP) and now the Inclusive and Comprehensive Agriculture Development Programme (ICADEP) have all received strong technical support from FAOSL in their preparation.

The regular staff members at the FAO Representation in Sierra Leone are as follows: