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Sustainable multipurpose forest plantations in China


In 2008, a severe ice storm affected around 22 million hectares of forests in central and southern China, causing roughly USD 9 billion in losses. In Hunan Province, 35 percent of the forest area was partially or totally destroyed. Forest stands containing a combination of native species in multistorey planted forests suffered less damage than those with coniferous monocultures.

FAO is supporting two World Bank-financed projects aimed at creating more resilient planted forests that feature a mix of native, locally adapted species. One project aims to establish 58,900 hectares of multipurpose planted forests through reforestation and restoration in 22 counties. The other seeks to establish 93,000 hectares of new multifunction planted forests in four provinces (Anhui, Hebei, Lianoning and Shanxi) and rehabilitate around 39,600 hectares of existing degraded forests in Anhui and Zhejiang Provinces.

Photo by Xianyi Shen via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
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