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Green Cities Initiative


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The Initiative focuses on improving the urban environment, strengthening urban-rural linkages and the resilience of urban systems, services and populations to external shocks. Ensuring access to a healthy environment and healthy diets from sustainable agri-food systems, increasing availability of green spaces through urban and peri-urban forestry, it will also contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable resource management. A "Green Cities Network" will allow cities of all sizes - from megapolis to medium to small - to share experiences, best practices, successes and lessons learned, as well as build city-to-city cooperation opportunities.

In September 2020, FAO launched its Green Cities Initiative aimed at improving the livelihoods and well-being of urban and peri-urban populations in at least 100 cities around the world in the next three years, looking to have 1000 cities join by 2030.


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