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Tackling climate change head-on

How four FAO-Green Climate Fund projects are providing solutions


Forests play a key part in keeping our planet healthy, but unsustainable practices and changes in land use are putting them at risk.


If we want to tackle climate change, our agri-food systems are one of the key places to start. We need to look at the way we farm, the way we eat and the way we use our natural resources. Agriculture emits around one quarter of greenhouse gases, but it also holds many of the solutions to global climate goals. Meeting the climate challenge starts with transforming food and agriculture.

From restoring degraded lands to eliminating food waste, every action we take must help our global communities adapt to new pressures, such as a growing population and urbanization, all the while protecting the planet’s resources and biodiversity.

Since 2016, FAO has been partnering with the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to help countries build resilience in response to climate change impacts.


Read about four FAO and GCF Projects, in Argentina, Armenina, Nepal and Côte d'Ivoire, tackling climate change head-on.


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