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FAO has a leading role in the Food Security and Agriculture (FSA) Sector of the Regional Refugee Resilience Plan (3RP) which is a coordination platform composed of national and local government, humanitarian/resilience actors and donors, aiming to develop an effective response to the Syria Crisis in Turkey via harmonized approach to food security and nutrition and promote agricultural livelihoods.

In line with national priorities, the FSA sector seeks to scale up programming (moving beyond household-level interventions) to pursue opportunities for the provision of large and medium scale agriculture livelihoods support. Emphasis will be on promoting household food security and nutrition, as well as creating and expanding employment and business opportunities in the agricultural sector through strengthening FSA-related skills and knowledge.

The FSA sector regularly collected age and sex-disaggregated data of project beneficiaries, which helps to identify data gaps and enhance discussions on sustainable ways to address the refugees and hosting communities needs in the country effectively.

FAO Turkey conducted two assessments on:

  • The Agricultural Livelihood and Labor Market for Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities in Six Provinces in Turkey,
  • An Analysis of Social Protection of Vulnerable Agricultural Populations Including Seasonal Workers and Syrian Refugees in Turkey.

The two studies are part of a broader set of assessments on agricultural livelihood opportunities for Syrian refugees and host communities in the countries bordering Syria. The study on agricultural labour market, led by Ankara University Development Studies and Implementation Centre (AKÇAM), provided a critical analysis of how Syrians and host community members take part in wage labour in local agricultural sector and their challenges and opportunities. The study on social protection, led by the Sociological Association, is designed an in-depth analysis of social protection programmes currently available for Syrians and vulnerable members in hosting communities who are engaged in agriculture, which provides us with critical guidance on how FAO can assure systematic support to enhance their livelihoods.

Syrian Refugee Crisis

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