FAO Conference 40th Session

Global Health Security ‐ A Unique Momentum for Success, an Urgent Need for a One Health Approach

Iraq Room (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time



The purpose of the side event is to raise awareness, share information and initiate dialogue about the current health security work from a One Health perspective among representatives of Members at FAO, in view of ongoing key global processes such as climate change and the SDG implementation. In doing so, it aims at strengthening the already existing and valuable support of the FAO to the human‐animal‐environment linkage in countries undergoing external evaluations and drawing up national plans for enhanced health security.




Dr Päivi Sillanaukee, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland.



Dr Ren Wang, Assistant Director-General, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, FAO. (TBC)

H.E. Esti Andayani, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Naomi Dumbrell, Counsellor Development (Health), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Permanent Mission to Geneva.

Dr Franck Berthe, Senior Livestock Specialist in the Agriculture Global Practice, The World Bank.

Dr Christophe Longuet, Executive Director, Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance (CORDS).


Questions and Discussion.


Moderator: Dr Sebastian Hielm, Director, Food Safety, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland.


Summary and Closing.

Topics: Conference-Council
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