24th Session of Committee on Forestry - 6th World Forest Week

COFO24 / WFW6 - Forest and Farm Producer Organizations as Primary Agents of Change for Climate Resilient Landscapes and Improved Livelihoods

Red Room (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time

This Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) event will feature high-level participants representing donors, governments, and members of forest and farm producer organizations who will elaborate on the vital role of Forest and Farm Producers Organizations (FFPOs) in developing climate resilient landscapes and improved rural livelihoods.  The event will launch the Climate resilient landscapes and improved livelihoods – Phase II of the Forest and Farm Facility, including announcement of partner countries, the concept of a broader “FFF network” and key milestones for the coming months and years.


Hashtags: #COFO24, #ForestFarmFacility

Topics: Conference-Council,Forestry
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