Special Topics Session - Plant Health and Capacity Development and IYPH: Promoting and celebrating the IYPH

Plenary Hall (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time
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1. Overview on Support of the Capacity Development to the Plant Health - Brent Larson

2. Contribution of FAO South-South Cooperation to Capacity Development in Agriculture - Jingyuan Xia

3. Role of the Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) in Strengthening the National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) - Sarah Brunel

4. Phytosanitary Risk-Based Sampling: Next Steps - Robert L. Griffin


5. IYPH: Promoting and celebrating the IYPH- Sharing Ideas
• PSP introduction of IYPH partnership issues
• Presenting IYPH Communication visual identity and strategy
• sharing and presenting the ideas by CPs and RPPOs on IYPH promotion
Marcela Villarreal, Clara Velez Fraga, Mirko Montuori


Hashtags: #CPM14 #PlantHealth

Topics: Plants
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