A Green and Climate-resilient Agrifood System Transformation for People and Planet

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The side event at Stockholm+50 ‘A Green and Climate-resilient Agrifood System Transformation for People and Planet’ will feature multi-stakeholder discussions on ongoing actions to implement global commitments and frameworks. The debate will look at the transformation of agrifood systems to nourish people, nurture the planet and build resilient livelihoods and ecosystems; and commitment to a multi-actor approach that is climate resilient and invests in vulnerable populations to reduce inequality, leaving no one behind.


Due to rapid urbanization, population growth and changing food consumption habits, the demand for agrifood products will continue to grow in coming decades, putting increasing pressure on our planet’s resources, and exacerbating the global crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and food insecurity. The situation is aggravated further by the economic and public health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To meet these global challenges, we must transform agrifood systems, to be more efficient, more inclusive, more resilient and more sustainable. This includes taking action along value chains from production to processing, distribution and consumption for food, feed, fiber, and fuel. We must ensure that people, including the most vulnerable groups are at the center as agents of change, driving efforts towards a green climate-resilient agrifood system transformation.


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