Using precision seeding to optimize crop yields

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Precision seeding technology is the accurate placement of seed in the soil and is important for maximizing crop yield while protecting the environment and avoiding wastage of precious seed input. To meet the varying needs of farmers around the world, different types of precision seed planters have been developed. This situation allows farmers including smallholders to select appropriate precision seeding equipment and models suitable for their specific working conditions. Modern precision planters are available for both tilled and non-tilled land.


Precision seeding technology contributes to achieving the FAO Strategic Framework 2022-31 on sustainability and the continuing efforts by FAO to raise awareness of the importance of quality seeds for food security and nutrition. This is in line with aspirations of the 2021 FAO Global Seed Conference and the subsequent follow-up Roundtable Forum which highlighted the importance of disseminating the merits of precision seeding as one of the innovative seed technologies.


The global precision planting market is growing at a fast rate  as increasing number of farmers adopt advanced technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and remote sensing and more governments worldwide promote precision planting techniques in the face of climate change, increasing population pressure, the need to sustainably meet the rising demand for food and the concern for improved management of agricultural resources.


Despite the many inherent benefits and wide array of precision tools available, precision seeding technologies are currently still not widely adopted by farmers particularly in developing countries.


The aim of this side event, organized by the Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP),  is to bring together a panel of notable experts and users of precision seeding technologies to present information on the performance and benefits of modern planting technologies in varying farming circumstances, and to share ideas with a diverse audience with the view to educate, raise awareness, discuss potential areas of opportunity, and clarify misconceptions that may serve as barriers to technology adoption.


It is hoped that information shared and discussed at this side event will reach a wide audience, clarify doubts in the credibility of precision seeding technologies and attract interest particularly from governments and young private professionals who will be willing to invest in these new technologies to optimize crop yield.

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