World Soil Day, 5 December

From Soil to Plate Contest

And the winner is...

We would like to thank all the participants for their interest and engagement: thanks to all of them the contest has been a great success!

Just few days after the World Soil Day 2022 celebration, the winner of the Plate Contest has been chosen. There have been more than 60 entries and 160 photos submitted. (see the gallery on flickr)

The winner is the Soil Science Society from Paraguay.

Together with the photos of their special cake, they sent the following message:

"La sostenibilidad de la tierra y la seguridad alimentaria se sustentan en el conocimiento del suelo.
La torta fue preparada con ingredientes frescos, naturales, totalmente comestible. Representa un sistema agropecuario sustentable: con cultivos de cobertura, de autoconsumo, huerta, animales y por supuesto el hombre estudiando y analizando los suelos.La torta estaba deliciosa y fue compartida y disfrutada por todos los asistentes a las actividades en Conmemoracion por el Dia mundial del Suelo organizadas por la SOPACIS.


We also have a second and third-place ranking!

A great soil profile cake from Ayten Namlı...










...and a beautiful edible landscape from the BSWM-Soil Survey Division in the Philippines (flickr)

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From Soil to Plate Contest

This World Soil Day 2022, gave us a chance to show how nutritious food can become when grown on soil that is rich and healthy. Under the motto "Soils, where food begins" this food contest is an opportunity to celebrate the richness of our soils coinciding the 10th anniversary of the FAO Global Soil Partnership… What better reason to start the celebrations than by preparing dishes with food from healthy soils?

DOWNLOAD HERE the booklet for ideas and guidance on how to join the contest!

Who hasn’t thought, when looking at a cake, a pie, a "lasagna" or a layered salad, about the soil horizons ? Soils are the foundation of food and now food will shape soils! Wherever you are in the world and whatever your level of cooking skills, don’t miss the opportunity to show your talent on global platforms for World Soil Day 2022.

This will be a unique opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of healthy soil for healthy food and better nutrition;
  • Highlight the analogy between the horizons of a soil in different dishes from around the world such as cakes, lasagnas, layered salads and other traditional dishes;
  • Show that soils are the basis for food and when kept healthy everyone wins;
  • Be featured in the official World Soil Day photo gallery;
  • Win some fun prizes;
  • And finally… celebrate World Soil Day with your favourite dish to share amongst your friends and colleagues!

Wherever you are in the world and whatever your level of cooking skills, don’t miss the opportunity to show your talent on global platforms for World Soil Day 2022. FAO’s GSP is inviting all of you to join the contest, including GSP partners, chefs, cake artists, food influencers, pastry lovers, creatives, universities, college students or school pupils,  research centers, members of one of the soil science societies and all citizen who wish to highlight how soils and food are intimately connected.

Rules for participation

Any edible ingredient can be used to prepare the dishes, be it savory and/or sweet! From chocolate, milk, eggs and flour to black rice, potatoes, pulses and vegetables - carrots, onions or tomatoes alike, just cook and enjoy! It is best to use seasonal and locally produced ingredients.

To take part in the competition, you simply need to fill in the registration form in one of the six official UN languages and upload your entries (a maximum of 5 photos as evidence). You should include a brief description of who participated in the cooking experience, how you did it, the recipe and, of course, how it tasted! Don’t hesitate to share your entries on social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtags #WorldSoilDay #Soils4Nutrition. Any questions, please write to us at: [email protected]

No need to prepare anything complex or artistic, just enjoy the moment and let your creativity flow. We have prepared a small book for you to draw inspiration from, but we highly recommend that you create your own and share with us! Don’t forget to prepare and enjoy it with young people, teaching them the importance of healthy soil for healthy and nutritious food.


  • Photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .png, .psd, .raw or .tiff format. Images should be submitted with the highest quality regarding file size, bit depth and resolution. Both colour and/or black and white images will be accepted. 
  • The material must not violate or infringe tierce’s rights, including but not limited to trademark, privacy, publicity or other intellectual property rights, or that constitutes copyright infringement.
  • The submission must not contain dates, texts, brand names, logos and/or trademarks;
  • Entrants must own the copyright and must have taken the photographs themselves. They may have been taken at any time prior to the contest launch. 

General rules, Copyright and Privacy

  • The FAO/GSP respects photographers' rights and does not claim copyright over images submitted to this contest. The author retains full copyright for each entry. Whenever the image is published, the author will be credited. 
  • Participation in the contest grants FAO/GSP permission to use the image for the preparation of FAO material and on FAO digital channels. 
  • FAO/GSP does NOT own copyright and authors are free to use the image for other purposes at their choosing.

Read more here


The jury will shortlist the three finalists based on the following criteria: (1) Creativity/Originality; (2) Presumed fun and tastiness of the dish; (3) Artistic and visual impact; (4) Teamwork, involvement of large groups of people; and (5) Connection between soil science and platter.


The winners will be announced on Thursday, 15 December 2022.

The prize will consist of a set of FAO and GSP merchandising materials. A special article will feature and praise the winners of the contest. Runners up will receive a certificate of participation and have their photos posted on the FAO photo gallery as well a dedicated booklet containing the top 40 best entries. FAO corporate social media may share and retweet the winning photos on corporate accounts. FAO corporate media division with the support of the GSP may decide to promote the winning photo through dedicated press.