Food brings people together, providing a basis for sharing and enjoyment. Humans have always prepared special foods and dishes to mark celebrations and important events, from weddings to births, to the crowning of a new king or queen. However, food has a much more important role in our lives than just being the key to a celebration. Every human, animal and plant on Earth needs food to live, grow and reproduce. In fact, food is so fundamental to health and life that it is considered a basic human right. Each and every one of us should always be able to get the food we need to be healthy.

Eating the right kinds of foods, in the right amounts, is vital for our health. In this Challenge Badge, you will learn what nutrients, vitamins and minerals different foods can give you. You will also learn how to follow a healthy diet and develop good eating habits. You will learn about the importance of food safety, and steps you can take to buy and store food safely. The booklet also explains the impacts your food choices have on the wider world, and how you can shop and cook in a more environmentally friendly way. Finally, the Badge gives ideas about how you can take action to make sure you and those around you can lead healthy and environmentally responsible lives.

Take this booklet and EXPLORE, LEARN and DISCOVER – and while you’re having fun, maybe you can even come up with some clever ways to spread the word about good nutrition. We hope you will feel inspired to take action and do what you can to have a healthy and nutritious diet.