YUNGA Labs at World Food Forum :: Harnessing the power of school children to create a more sustainable and resilient world

The world could be a greener place if we all take care of her. Do you think you are having a green lifestyle? Do you realize that you want to learn more about a sustainable living? Does your lifestyle really reflect your green beliefs?

Well, now you can “walk the talk”. Join one of the following YUNGA labs to empower yourself on specific issues that move our environment, learn how to address them and join different networks to undertake your journey to become global citizen that can change the world.

Learning, protecting and empowering has never been more fun!

Check which labs we have already held here:

Look at the available labs below, select the one you are interested in and register your school class, youth group or association by sending a mail to [email protected] and we will give you all the information you need. Most labs are conducted in English, but let us know your language preferences and we will try to arrange them.