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GIEWS--News Archive
 14/09/2015  Central America Drought Update
 29/07/2015  El Niño in Asia: Prolonged dry weather in several countries affecting plantings and yield potential of the 2015 main season food crops
 26/06/2015  Central America: Prospects for the 2015 main season cereal crops and market situation
 17/06/2015  D.P.R. Korea: Prolonged dry spell raises serious concerns for the 2015 food crop production
 04/06/2015  El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO): Possible impact on agricultural production during the second half of 2015
 11/05/2015  Nepal: Serious food security concerns for large numbers of people in Central and Western regions following the devastating earthquake
 29/04/2015  Official launch of FAO Agricultural Stress Index System (ASIS)
 28/03/2015  Southern Africa: Maize production in 2015 expected to drop sharply
 03/02/2015  The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: Outlook for the food supply and demand in 2014/15 (November/October)
 12/11/2014  Central America: The 2014 maize production forecast severely reduced. Prospects for the 2014 bean crop uncertain due to excess precipitation in October
 19/09/2014  Central America Drought Update
 19/09/2014  Pakistan: Severe floods affect large numbers of people and cause agriculture damages
 14/08/2014  Central America: Prospects for the 2014 main season cereal production deteriorated with dry weather in July. Large numbers of small farmers affected
 08/08/2014  Kyrgyzstan: Severe drought in northern parts affects 2014 wheat production
 22/07/2014  Central America: Prospects for the 2014 main season cereal production mixed, with dry weather affecting crops in parts of Nicaragua and Honduras
 09/07/2014  Greater Horn of Africa: Moisture deficits persist in pastoral and agro-pastoral areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and the United Republic of Tanzania
 27/06/2014  Ethiopia: El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the main Kiremt rainy season in 2014/15
 17/06/2014  El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO): Possible impact on crop production in 2014/15
 03/06/2014  Greater Horn of Africa: Late and erratic rains raise serious concern for crop and livestock production
 02/06/2014  Somalia: The prospect of reduced cereal production in the current "gu" season and the impact of increased conflict raise serious food security concerns in southern/central areas
 15/05/2014  Syrian Arab Republic: Continued conflict and drought conditions worsen 2014 crop production prospects
 28/03/2014  Syrian Arab Republic: Concern over drought conditions
 27/02/2014  In Bolivia severe floods affect large numbers of people and cause damage to agriculture
 19/11/2013  The Philippines: Strong Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) severely affected the agriculture sector in the central Regions of the country
 27/08/2013  Central African Republic: The food security situation deteriorates further with disruptions in agricultural and marketing activities following civil conflict
 09/05/2013  Production prospects for 2013 crops
 22/03/2013  Severe coffee leaf rust infection in Central American countries
 11/03/2013  Central African Republic: civil conflict aggravates an already alarming food security situation
 28/01/2013  Southern Africa market review and 2013 crop prospects
 28/08/2012  India - Monsoon Update
 20/08/2012  Reduced 2012 cereal production in the Republic of Moldova
 20/08/2012  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea - Drought and Flood Update
 02/08/2012  International prices of grains averaged 23 percent higher in July than June
 02/08/2012  Syrian Arab Republic
 18/06/2012  Korea, DPR-Dry Spell Situaion
 07/06/2012  Improved version of the GIEWS Food Price Data and Analysis Tool has been released!
 14/05/2012  Southern Africa: A review of the 2011/12 cropping season
 17/04/2012  Cereals production outlook for 2012 in CIS countries
 03/02/2012  Paraguay: Severe drought sharply reduces the 2012 first season maize and soybeans production
 24/01/2012  Prospects for the 2012 maize crops deteriorate in Argentina and Mexico following dry weather
 14/12/2011  Food situation in the Sahel and Western Africa region
 14/11/2011  Unfavourable food security prospects in parts of West Africa, notably in Chad, Mauritania and Niger
 27/10/2011  Central America Flood Update
 21/10/2011  Southeast Asia Flood Update-Localized flooding due to typhoons and heavy rains have affected large numbers of people and caused crop damage particularly in areas of the Mekong river basin
 04/10/2011  PAKISTAN Flood Update
 24/08/2011  Hurricane "Irene" lashes parts of the Dominican Republic and Haiti
 08/08/2011  Democratic People's Republic of Korea affected by serious floods following torrential rains in July
 03/08/2011  Famine thresholds surpassed in three new areas of Somalia
 26/07/2011  Drought-related food insecurity: A focus on the Horn of Africa
 20/07/2011  Famine declared in two regions of Southern Somalia
 08/07/2011  Stepping up to the Horn-Joint FAO/WFP/Oxfam statement
 14/06/2011  Drought in Horn of Africa threatens millions
 15/04/2011  GIEWS launches new version of Food Price Tool
 24/03/2011  DPR Korea, WFP/FAO/UNICEF Rapid Food Security Assessment, 24 March 2011
 11/03/2011  North Africa Brief, 11 March 2011
 20/02/2011  Southern Africa flood update, Feb. 2011
 13/12/2010  Update of Global Food Security Situation, December 2010
 24/09/2010  Flood damage to agriculture sector in Pakistan
 16/09/2010  Update of Global Food Security Situation-September 2010
 01/09/2010  Global cereal supply and demand update
 15/07/2010  Update of Global Food Security Situation-July 2010
 09/07/2010  GIEWS Country Policy Monitoring - Main Food-related Policy Measures
 10/06/2010  Update of Global Food Security Situation-June 2010
 25/03/2010  Drought in Southeast Asia affects parts of Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Viet Nam
 04/03/2010  Tonga - Impact assessment indicates severe damage to agriculture following Tropical Storm in mid-February
 05/02/2010  Special Brief - Haiti Earthquake
 04/02/2010  Mongolia: Livestock losses, rising food insecurity due to extreme cold
 27/01/2010  Poor prospects of cereal production in major areas of Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
 11/12/2009  Madagascar - Concern over possible cyclone damage prompts UN to appeal for pre-positioning emergency stockpiles
 23/11/2009  Unfavourable food security prospects in the eastern part of West Africa, notably in Chad and Niger
 14/10/2009  GIEWS Country Briefs are now available online!
 25/09/2009  National Food Prices - data and analysis tool: a quick overview of data coverage (price series and available dates) can now be accessed from a clickable map
 24/09/2009  Argentina: prolonged drought has affected grain production and will reduce export surplus
 08/09/2009  India Update: About half of Indian districts face drought
 20/08/2009  Guatemala - update
 14/08/2009  National food prices - data and analysis tool: Central Asia included, now up to 67 countries
 11/08/2009  2009 Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission (CFSAM) Guidelines
 10/08/2009  Moldova Update: Drought in Southern Districts
 04/08/2009  Moldova: Drought in Southern Moldova Threatens 2009 Food Production
 28/07/2009  India and Bangladesh: A late start of the monsoon and erratic rains affect northern States of India and northern region of Bangladesh
 13/07/2009  India: Late start of the monsoon season – Northwest most affected
 16/06/2009  Argentina: unfavourable prospects for 2009 cereal production
 05/06/2009  Sri Lanka update
 30/04/2009  Eritrea update
 19/03/2009  New FAO food price database launched
 23/02/2009  Somalia - Post-Deyr Nutrition situation
 04/02/2009  44 percent of winter wheat areas in China under extreme drought conditions
 28/01/2009  Kenya Food Security Situation Update
 16/01/2009  Central Asia Update
 16/01/2009  China - Severe drought in Northern China
 09/01/2009  Sri Lanka: Below average rainfall for the early Maha season
 09/01/2009  Kenya Food Security Situation Update
 31/10/2008  Central America: Crops Vulnerable to Severe Flood Damage
 28/10/2008  Dekadal rainfall estimates are now available by province
 17/09/2008  Kyrgyzstan Update
 05/08/2008  Heavy rains in DPR Korea
 15/07/2008  East Africa/Horn - Unfavourable Prospects for 2008 Cereal Crops in Several Countries
 23/05/2008  Wenchuan Earthquake - Impact on agriculture, livestock and food security in affected areas, and implications for China
 15/05/2008  Myanmar - Tropical Depression
 10/04/2008  Zimbabwe 2007/08 Agricultural Season Update
 08/04/2008  Update - Extreme Winter Weather in Central Asia and its Effects on Food Security
 25/03/2008  Severe Food Shortage in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
 03/03/2008  Severe Winter Weather Damages Winter-Spring Crops in Southern China and in Northern Viet Nam
 29/02/2008  Ecuador – Torrential rains damage more than 100 000 hectares of food and cash crops.
 18/02/2008  Update - Central Asia
 13/02/2008  Measures taken by governments to limit the impact of soaring international cereal prices on food consumption
 13/02/2008  Localized floods in Southern Africa
 13/02/2008  Severe floods affected agriculture and livestock sectors in Bolivia
 06/01/2008  Severe Flooding in Southern Africa
 04/01/2008  Impact of rising cereal prices on food import bills of Southern African countries
 27/12/2007  Bangladesh - over 8.9 million people affected by Cyclone Sidr
 11/12/2007  High cereal prices hurting vulnerable populations in developing countries
 22/11/2007  Bangladesh - over 6.7 million people affected by Cyclone Sidr
 09/11/2007  Mixed Food Security Outlook in West Africa
 06/11/2007  Floods in Mexico’s State of Tabasco devastate agriculture
 05/11/2007  Humanitarian emergency worsens in the Shabelle regions of Somalia
 31/10/2007  Dominican Republic: Tropical Storm Noel causes severe losses to food and cash crops
 30/10/2007  Impact of main natural disasters on food production in Latin America and the Caribbean (2006-2007)
 04/10/2007  Crop yield estimates for millet and sorghum, East Africa
 25/09/2007  Assessment of damage caused by hurricane Dean in Dominica
 10/09/2007  Bangladesh Update
 05/09/2007  Floods cause damage in parts of several east african countries
 30/08/2007  Severe drought in Moldova
 22/08/2007  Thousands in Need of Humanitarian Assistance after hurricane Dean
 17/08/2007  Food supply situation to deteriorate in DPR korea following severe floods and crop losses
 16/08/2007  Floods have adversely affected crop prospects and food security of millions of small farmers in south asia
 04/08/2007  Bangladesh Update
 01/08/2007  Somalia: persisting critical situation in the Juba valley
 10/07/2007  GIEWS RSS feeds now available
 27/06/2007  Latest Updates (91 countries)
 19/03/2007  Southern Africa Update - March 2007
 15/03/2007  Update on Bolivia
 23/02/2007  Severe flooding in Bolivia Food crisis may worsen
 19/02/2007  Zimbabwe Growing Season Update
 15/01/2007  Mixed prospects for the 2007 cereal crops in Southern Africa
 10/01/2007  GAUL 2007 available for downloading
 07/12/2006  Localized crop losses following Typhoon Durian in Philippines and Vietnam
 05/12/2006  Access to flood-affected population in the Horn of Africa remains difficult
 17/11/2006  WFP/FAO/UNHCR Joint Needs Assessment Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania
 20/10/2006  Bumper foodcrops harvest and declining prices in northern Nigeria.
 29/09/2006  Dry weather conditions are affecting agriculture and livestock sectors, in Argentina
 16/09/2006  Latest Updates -- All Countries
 15/09/2006  Eritrea, good rainfall in August has improved crop prospects
 05/09/2006  Somalia Food Security and Nutrition - Post Gu Analysis 1.8 million people still need urgent humanitarian assistance
 21/07/2006  Food crisis in Lebanon
 20/07/2006  Food supply and demand in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
 07/06/2006  Zimbabwe Maize Production Update
 25/07/2006  Somalia: Serious concern for food security prospects
 20/06/2006  Latest Updates--All Countries
 02/06/2006  Humanitarian Emergency will Continue in Southern Somalia
 12/05/2006  Severe and Prolonged Drought Threatens Food Security in Western China
 03/03--30/06/2006  Avian influenza in Niger - Information bulletins (French only)
 24/04/2006  Crop Prospects and Food Situation in Southern Africa
 01/03/2006  Somalia - Over 2 million people urgently in need of assistance
 01/03/2006  Niger - A welcome but temporary relief
 28/02/2006  Southern Africa Update
 22/02/2006  Severe food shortages emerge in parts of Tanzania
 13/02/2006  Niger - Report on vulnerability to food insecurity (French only)
 20/01/2006  Early Warning Confirmed - Somalia faces a dire humanitarian emergency
 07/12/2005  Southern Africa update
 24/11/2005  Civil insecurity and malnutrition in Somalia
 22/11/2005  Burundi: widespread food insecurity anticipated shortly
 19/11/2005  Afghanistan/Pakistan will be affected by extreme cold: Precipitation and Snow Depth Change Forecast (NOAA).
 05/08/2005  Endogenous and Regional Factors Underlying Niger’s Food Crisis
 25/07/2005  Tropical Storms, Typhoons and Monsoon Floods in Asia
 12/05/2005  Southeast Asia: Drought and Onset of the 2005 Rainy Season-12 May Update
 06/05/2005  Increasingly Serious Food Security Situation in Parts of the Sahel
 29/04/2005  Southeast Asia: Drought and Onset of the 2005 Rainy Season
 28/04/2005  Ethiopia: Upcoming Flash Appeal Based on a Worsening Situation
 21/02/2005  Flooding in Central Bolivia affects food and cash crop production
 18/02/2005  Food Supply and Food Security Situation in Countries Affected by the Asia Tsunami
 15/02/2005  Heavy rains in Parts of Venezuela and Colombia.
 05/02/2005  Seasonal Floods Cause Concern in Central Mozambique
 21/01/2005  Food Supply and Food Security Situation in Countries Affected by the Asia Tsunami
 14/01/2005  Food Supply and Food Security Situation in Countries Affected by the Asia Tsunami
 11/11/2004  Desert Locusts – Mixed picture in the Sahel
 14/09/2004  Hurricane "Ivan" approching Cuba and Mexico
 03/09/2004  Prolonged ‘canicula’ affects first season crops in Guatemala
 26/08/2004  Drought affects first season food crops in Nicaragua
 19/08/2004  Severe food insecurity in most of Somalia due to prolonged drought, environmental crisis and crop failure. The livestock sector has been nearly decimated
 06/08/2004  Continued Alert on Drought Conditions in Sri Lanka
 04/08/2004  Cold Wave Emergency in the Southern Highlands of Peru
 21/07/2004  Monitoring 2004 Seasonal Monsoon in Asia
 13/07/2004  Flooding in Central and Atlantic Nicaragua
 01/07/2004  Prolonged Drought in Central and Eastern Cuba