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GIEWS electronic mailing lists

The FAO Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture (GIEWS) has set up various mailing lists to disseminate its "Special Reports" and "Special Alerts" on countries facing food supply shortages.

These reports are often the result of rapid evaluation missions in the countries and give information on the crop production, the food supply situation at national and sub-national level and the food aid needs. On average, about 20 "special alerts" and "special reports" are published each year.

The lists are:
GIEWSAlertsWorld-L (for all reports)
GIEWSAlertsAfrica-L (only Africa)
GIEWSAlertsAsia-L (only Asia)
GIEWSAlertsEurope-L (only Europe)
GIEWSAlertsLA-L (only Latin America)
[Obviously, if you subscribe to the GIEWSAlertsWorld-L list there is no need to also subscribe to any of the Regional lists].
For example, to subscribe to the 'GIEWSAlertsWorld-L' list, send an email to FAO's mail server ''

(FAO internal users can choose FAO-Mail-Server in the global address list)

Leave the subject blank and then put in the first line of the message the following:

subscribe GIEWSAlertsWorld-L

To unsubscribe from the GIEWSAlertsWorld-L list, send in the first line of the message the following:

unsubscribe GIEWSAlertsWorld-L

These reports, as well as other publications of the System, are also available in the Publications section of the website.