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There are substantial and growing numbers of sub-regional and regional projects that aim to enhance FAO's impact on region-wide issues in strong partnership with regional organizations.

Programmes and projects

Projects are carried out by the Regional Office, Sub-Regional Offices (SROs) together with Headquarter divisions. Over half of the projects operated by RAF and the SROs focused either on supporting policy work, addressing transboundary issues, and/or providing technical assistance to a Regional/Sub-Regional Economic Communities (RECs) - such as the African Union, ECOWAS, IGAD, SADC, and CILSS.

The RECs continue to demonstrate a high appreciation for the results obtained through these projects in terms of policy advice. They wish to continue partnering with FAO, in particular with respect to integration issues such as agricultural trade policy and natural resources management.

Country Offices are the key to achieving greater impact, develop and implement cohesive, focused country programmes based on strong partnerships, capitalizing on FAO comparative advantage and expertise.