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FAO Regional Office for Africa
©FAO/Riccardo Gangale

The Regional Office for Africa advocates for strong regional partnerships and timely Country Office support.

The substantive technical work of the Regional Office focuses on co-ordinating normative work and its policy dimensions and leadership of the regional dimension of the Organization’s technical networks.

FAO in Africa

Three main areas characterize the African regional dimension: priority setting and strategic planning, partnership development, and resource mobilization.

The major actions of the Office in Africa put a particular emphasis on:

  • Country Offices are the key to FAO's success
  • Stronger, more demand-driven multi-disciplinary technical teams
  • Intensified regional administrative and operational support and Country Office oversight
  • Full capitalization of the potential for extra-budgetary funding
  • Focused policy dialogue
  • Strengthened support to Pan-African institutions

The Office works at greater focus on high level dialogue and policy formulation in partnership with regional organizations, as well as greater support to the other decentralized offices through closer oversight and support. With its skill-mix technical teams, it makes a point in focusing on country level activities by the multi-disciplinary teams as well as stronger, specific partnerships with the Regional Economic Communities.