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Workshops and Seminars

RAMSES/eLocust2 regional workshop in South-West Asia
Regional workshop for National Locust Information Officers from South-West Asia on the advanced use of eLocust2, RAMSES and remote sensing imagery (Jodhpur, India, 12-16 June 2006)

FAO/WMO regional locust meteorology workshop
FAO/WMO regional workshop on meteorological information needed for locust monitoring and control (Muscat, Oman, 8-12 April 2006)

RAMSES/eLocust2 regional workshop in the Central Region
Advanced training in RAMSES, eLocust2 and remote sensing for National Locust Information Officers in the Central Region (Cairo, 19-23 March 2006)

Master Trainers Course on Desert Locust Survey, Control and Training Skills
Regional workshop to train nationally designated Master Trainers in locust survey, control and training skills (Muscat, Oman, 7-17 October 2002)

EMPRES/CR Contingency Planning Seminar
Regional workshop on contingency planning in EMPRES/CR countries to discuss the concepts, components and constraints of planning for locust emergencies (Borg Al Arab, Egypt, 13-20 February 2002)