Antimicrobial Resistance

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What is it?
What is it?
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FAO's role
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Who we are
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Key sectors

Antimicrobial drugs play a critical role in the treatment of diseases, their use is essential to protect both human and animal health. However, antimicrobials are often misused for treatment and prevention of diseases in livestock sector, aquaculture as well as crop production. These actions are often associated with the potential risk of emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistant micro-organisms.

Key facts

Around 700.000 human deaths each year related to antimicrobial resistance (UK’s O’Neill Commission)

27 different antimicrobial classes used in animals

Total global animal health market in 2011 was equivalent to USD 22 billion (OECD)

118 countries reported quantitative data on antimicrobial use in animals between 2015 and 2017, an increase from 89 reporting in 2015


Improving communications for antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Africa: How should we move forward?

This document summarizes the online discussion held on the FAO Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (2-30 June 2020).

Handbook Responsible use of antibiotics in livestock production for animal health workers in Viet Nam

Animal health workers are a part of the solutions for responsible antimicrobial use and mitigation of antimicrobial resistance.

Water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH) and wastewater management to prevent infections and reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

This technical brief provides information to inform WASH and wastewater elements within multi-sectoral AMR national action plans.


Looking for comments: launch of public review

7 October. Today the Development Law Service of FAO (LEGN) launched the public review of the “Methodology to analyse AMR-Relevant Legislation in the Food and Agriculture Sector – Guidance Document for Regulators”, available in English, [...]

¿Sabes el impacto que tiene el cambio de comportamiento para contener la RAM?

Recientemente FAO realizó el webinar "Reunión inicial y aprendizaje conjunto del conocimiento conductual", en el cual participaron expertos en antropología, medicina tropical y conocimiento conductual, para analizar el impacto que tiene la comunicación de riesgos [...]

FAO y países definen hojas de ruta para mitigar los riesgos de la RAM

En el marco del proyecto “Contención de la Resistencia a los Antimicrobianos en los sistemas de producción de alimentos terrestres y acuáticos, bajo el enfoque Una Salud en América Latina” (Proyecto Integrado), que se realiza [...]


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