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Communities committed to forest eco-system conservation on Savaii, Samoa
Eight communities on the island of Savai’i in Samoa have decided to continue forest conservation and have agreed to five year management plans (2017-2022) for three Community Conservation Areas. The areas cover and protect a total area of 14700 ha of native forests and include water catchment areas, wetlands, lava flow areas and important lowland forests. In March 2017 the village leaders formally agreed and signed a memorandum of understanding with...
Fisheries Junior Officer joins FAO
Mele Tauati, a Tongan national, joined the team at the FAO Sub-regional Office for the Pacific Islands as a Small-scale Fisheries Junior Professional Officer from February 2017. She joins FAO with 10 years of fisheries work and research experience from Tonga and Samoa. “Taking up this position is a prestigious opportunity, so I am very grateful and honoured as a Pacific Islander to work for FAO here in the Pacific. It’s...
Making the international trade in plants and seeds a safer venture
International plant health body adopts new global standards
13.04.2017 Incheon/Rome
Making the international trade in plants and seeds a safer venture
The international body that oversees plant health has taken a big step forward with the adoption of a new global standard to help ensure that the international trade in plants and seeds, while very profitable, is also safer. The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)'s governing body, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) adopted the standard during its 12th session in Incheon, South Korea, which wrapped up today. In this globalized world, food and agricultural products are...
IRRI and FAO step up joint efforts to globally bolster sustainable rice production
Focus is on food security and helping poor farmers by enhancing crop resilience and adapting to climate change
IRRI and FAO step up joint efforts to globally bolster sustainable rice production
FAO and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) have agreed to cooperate more closely to support sustainable rice production in developing countries to improve food security and livelihoods while safeguarding natural resources.  An agreement signed today seeks to better pool the scientific knowledge and technical know-how of the two organizations so that they can expand and intensify their work globally. The partnership primarily aims to enhance sustainable rice-based farming systems through capacity building activities...
Asia’s private sector warms to climate-change investments
While the role of government remains central in responding to climate change adaptation and mitigation, the private sector is showing keen interest in become a major player in the same field. Sensing the mood of consumers as mainly wanting to ensure the products and services they buy are not making climate change any worse, a new array of greener investment products is being introduced. In finance, there are a few pioneers leading...
Signs of the times: Early warnings translate to early actions
Increasing scientific evidence over the past two decades indicate that the global climate is changing. As a result of a climatic shift, humanitarian actors and donors are facing new challenges to respond in a timely and effective way. Expanding needs, competing priorities and scarce resources globally mean that new tools are needed to ensure smart, effective investments to help attenuate the impact of disasters before they occur. One tool that is...
FAO supports farmers to reduce post-harvest loss
FAO is supporting Samoan farmers to consistently market top quality produce through a project targeted at the community, private sector and institutions. In December 2016, FAO conducted a survey of pineapple and bread fruit producers in Samoa to understand postharvest handling practices in terms of harvesting, packaging, transport and product quality. The survey was led by Prof Steven Underhill from the University of Queensland, Australia. The survey is a continuation of prior...
On International Day of Forests, Asian youth learn that forests can offer a good renewable source of energy for their future if managed sustainably
With the largest land mass on earth, forests in the Asia-Pacific region hold great potential for both climate change mitigation and contain, within them, a means to displace non-renewable fossil fuels as a future energy source, an FAO-co-sponsored student debate heard today. The theme of this year’s International Year of Forests is ‘Forests and Energy’ and students from six high schools and two post-secondary institutions in Bangkok debated the pros and...
Protecting the brand, empowering the rural producer – a win-win thanks to the Geographical Indications system in Asia
From India’s Darjeeling tea to Cambodia’s Kampot Pepper and Thailand’s famous silks, coffees and rice, defending these geographically well-known products is more important than ever, a meeting of regional stakeholders in Bangkok has heard. While big brand names in the corporate and retail world spend billions of dollars defending their brand identities, insisting that local authorities clamp down on so-called ‘knock off’ replicas, countries and communities in Asia-Pacific are increasingly interested...
Reinforcing control efforts amid outbreak of avian influenza in China
Surveillance, laboratory testing, clean markets are all part of effort to contain changing H7N9 virus
17.03.2017 Rome/Paris
Reinforcing control efforts amid outbreak of avian influenza in China
A resurgent outbreak of a new strain of avian influenza that can be lethal for humans underscores the need for robust and rapid detection and response systems at animal source. This would reduce the risk associated with virus spread and impacts on public health, according to Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organisation for Animal Health Human cases of the H7N9 virus, first detected in China four years ago, have suddenly...
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