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FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
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The FAO Regional Office, through its field programme, provides technical assistance to countries in Asia and the Pacific in their fight against hunger by supporting the implementation of projects in food and nutrition security, promotion of family farming, guidance on animal and plant health and food safety, among others.

Stories from the field

Sri Lanka boosts food availability by increasing aquaculture
As far back as the 1950s, the government of Sri Lanka believed that inland fish farming could boost incomes and food security of people in some of the country’s poorest rural areas. But, since the 1980s aquaculture in Sri Lanka grew slowly as the country suffered through prolonged turmoil.

Sri Lanka fisheries future bright after tackling problems left by Indian Ocean tsunami
After the 2004 tsunami, not all the building back was better. In Sri Lanka, the humanitarian response led to the rapid rebuilding of the country’s fishing capacity without resolving longstanding problems caused by postharvest fish handling and trade.

From agriculture to agri-business
Group marketing structures provide economies of scale for both purchase of inputs and sale of produce, increasing the profits for both the farmer and the wholesaler/manufacturer. They increase the ability of poor farmers to negotiate effectively with merchants and empower them when dealing with the market.