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Digital sequence information

Information about genetic diversity is key to conservation and sustainable use, and Digital Sequence Information (DSI) is widely used in conservation. In 2017, the Commission established a new work stream on “digital sequence information” on genetic resources for food and agriculture. The Commission requested the Secretariat to prepare an exploratory fact-finding scoping study on “digital sequence information on GRFA” to provide information on, inter alia, terminology used in this area, actors involved with “digital sequence information on GRFA”, the types and extent of uses of “digital sequence information on GRFA”, such as:

  • characterization,
  • breeding and genetic improvement,
  • conservation, and
  • identification of GRFA

as well as on relevance of “digital sequence information on GRFA” for food security and nutrition, in order to facilitate consideration by the Commission, at its Seventeenth Regular Session in 2019, of the implications of the use of “digital sequence information on GRFA” for the conservation and sustainable use of GRFA, including exchange, access and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from their use.